Control Me

You’re a sexy Sub that’s too much to handle for most of the Doms you know. Lucky you, Nathan Collins comes into your life. He's a total BDSM Master with a perfect balance of charm and dominance.

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You’re the last stylist at the hair salon after a long day of work. You’re sweeping up the hair from the floor and tidying up your station.

You’ve got quite a busy life schedule. By day you’re a top hairstylist, but by night you’re a submissive princess who loves getting dominated...

Mia 💭: Mm, I love a powerful Dom...but damn, they are impossible to find sometimes.

Mia 💭: At least a Dom who likes handling a Sub like me...I should quit talking back so much in bed...

You lean over the hair washing station and splash your face with cool water as you continue to overthink.

Mia 💭: I’m for sure not looking for anything serious after that last relationship of mine...god, never again.

Mia 💭: Though it would be cool to have someone to play with after work…

Suddenly, the door chimes and you hear it swing open. You quickly walk to the front of the salon to see who it could be.

Mia 💭: Damnit, I thought I locked the door!

Narrator: As you round the corner into the lobby you yell out before you can even see who it is.

Mia: Sorry, we’re closed!

Nathan: Oh, I’m so sorry.

You pause as you realize who’s in front of you. A tall, completely perfect man dressed in an elegant black suit stands before you.

Nathan: I’m Nathan.

Mia: Okay, Nathan...I’m sorry but we’re closed.

Nathan: What’s your name?

Mia: Mia.

Nathan: Mia...

Nathan: I hate to barge in like this, but can I hide out here for a minute?

Narrator: A drunken and devious smile falls across his lips as he locks eyes with you.

Nathan: Please? I won’t bother you.

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