Eyes For My Stepbrother

It's your last summer before heading off to university and you and your best friend are ready for an eventful two months. A lot has changed in your family and you're adjusting to your parent's recent divorce. Now you have a stepfather who's trying to win you over, as well as a dreamy stepbrother who can't keep his eyes off you. You're trying your best to ignore your secret desires for him until one night you run into each other at a party. Will you be able to control yourself, or will you let temptation get the best of you?

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You’re lounging on top of your bed on a sunny Saturday evening with your best friend, Liz. She’s flipping through a magazine, her eyes glued to the page. Suddenly, your bedroom door swings open.

Bailey: Hey! Have you ever heard of knocking?!

Bailey: Someone could have been naked in here!

Dameon: Then you should have called me sooner.

Liz: Hiiii Dameon! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!

Liz: Did you get another new tattoo? It looks ahhhmazing!

Dameon: Yeah...I mean, thanks.

Dameon: Hey so. We’re eating dinner soon. Are you staying?

Liz: I-I think so? Yeah. I’ll stay.

You roll your eyes at Liz. She completely loses her cool every time she’s in the same room as Dameon.

Bailey  💭: Could she be any more obvious?!

Bailey: Actually...

Bailey: Me and Liz are going out for dinner. Can you tell my mom that?

Dameon: No, because I’m leaving.

Bailey: Okay...you can tell her on your way out then?

Dameon: Do it yourself.

Liz: We’ll be right down!

You shoot warning eyes at Liz, who’s staring up at Dameon like he’s some sort a Greek God.

Dameon winks at Liz before walking out of your room and shutting the door behind him.

Bailey: Could you be any more cringey?!

Liz: What are you talking about?

You suppress a second eye roll as you get out of bed.

Bailey: Please, you’re all over Dameon. You love him.

Liz: I can help it! You have the world’s hottest brother...

Bailey: Step. Brother.

Bailey: We are so not related. Don’t get it twisted.

Liz: Have you ever thought about secretly hooking up with him?

Bailey: What! Liz, are you insane?

Liz: Come on...you have to admit he’s sexy as hell!

Bailey  💭: Okay, he is kind of dreamy.

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