He Owns Me

What if your brother owed his best friend? What if he used you to repay the debt? All you have to do is follow Devon's rules. You have nothing to lose so it should be easy. Rule number one: Call him Sir. Rule number two: Sleep Naked.

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After locating your biological brother - the last surviving family you have ever since you were placed in foster care when your parents burned alive in a fire - you find yourself sitting in his car staring up at an intimidating mansion.

Olive: Luke, listen - I don’t know about this...

Luke: Liv, look, I’m really just trying to help you out. You said you have nowhere to stay, no money, no job. He’s offered to take you in and have you work for him rent free. Everything will be taken care of.

Olive: What am I supposed to be doing again?

Luke: He needs a maid.

Luke: You’d really be doing me a favor, Liv.

Olive: Anything for you bro

Olive 💭: This is Luke.. this is family. If I can be helpful, I should be.

Olive: Anything for you, bro.

Luke: Trust me, he’s well off. You won’t have to worry about where you’ll eat and sleep anymore Liv, he’ll take care of it all.

He taps your cheap smartphone quick.

Luke: And if there’s an issue, or you need me for anything, just call me. I’m only a quick dial away.

Luke: I’ll make time to see you soon in the next week or so.

Narrator: Your face lights up excitedly. You’ve always wanted to connect with him but never had the chance due to separation so young.

Olive: Sounds good.

Olive: Thanks again.

You rest your hand on his arm, warmth filling you as you feel joyful and like things are falling in place.

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